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Prison Ministry Programs Volunteer for Prison Ministry

There are many outstanding Christian prison ministry programs that are always seeking volunteers and contributions to help with their work. I hope you will consider getting involved in one of these.

Do you have a Christian prison ministry program you would like me to highlight here? Send me an email. 

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Christian Prison Retreat Programs

The ministries below are weekend retreat programs of the type described in Letters to Bentrock

A non-denominational Christian program serving men and women in prisons, state jails, and parole transition centers across the state of Texas.

Jubilee Prison Ministry

A non-denominational Christian Fourth Day program for incarcerated men in women and for their families. Serving prisons across the US and in several other countries.

Kairos Prison Ministry

Sponsored by the Catholic Church and based in San Antonio Texas, the Kolbe Retreat is based on the ACTS and Cursillo retreat programs.

Kolbe Prison Ministry

Other Prison Ministry Programs

Based in Grand Rapids Michigan, Alpha House provides in-prison Bible study and discipleship training; Alpha House transitional housing for parolees; and Christian Mentoring for Alpha House residents. The ministry serves seven units in the state of Michigan

Alpha Prison Ministries

Founded by the late NFL Football player Bill Glass, Behind the Walls ministry is known for its high-energy Day of Champions and Weekend of Champions events conducted inside prisons across the US. 

Behind the Walls

A non-denominational volunteer-led restorative justice program conducted in prisons and alternative facilities, utilizing a unique 14-week curriculum focused on victim impact. BTL operates in twelve US states as well as Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Uganda.

Bridges to Life

The Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition is the central hub for all Catholic jail, prison, and detention ministry efforts in the United States. CPMC promotes ministry to all people affected by incarceration. Our goal is to recruit, train, support and empower those called to this ministry. 

Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition

CHARM focuses on one-on-one relationships that begin while men and women are incarcerated and continues through their transition back into society. It has ministered to over 10,000 inmates and housed over 400 men and women in its transitional homes. The program is based in Texas.


A Christian one-on-one mentoring program in Texas that helps inmates make successful transitions back into the free world. Many soon-to-be released inmates have requested a mentor, and are eagerly awaiting help.

Christian Restorative Justice Mentors Association

A Christian re-entry program in Houston, Texas that bridges critical social services and ministry between prison life and freedom. CrossWalk provides housing and assists ex-offenders in making the transition to a successful life in the free-world.

Crosswalk Center

Connecting people inside prison with mentors on the outside. Mentors exchange letters and study the Bible together with inmates. As they encourage each other, develop a friendship rooted in Christ and apply Scripture to their lives, God begins to transform their hearts.


Placing Christian chaplains in jails and prisons to minister to the spiritual needs of inmates and staff. Currently serves 300,000 incarcerated men, women and youth daily in 22 states and 25 countries worldwide. 

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

The God of Hope Ministries provides Christian care and discipleship to men and women incarcerated in Austin and the Central Texas area. Among its programs, God of Hope operates Faith-based dorms at the Travis and Lockhart units. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 13.31.20 PM.png

OJ&PM is a nonprofit, non-denominational, evangelical Christian outreach organization providing chaplains, personnel, and resources to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those incarcerated, and to equip them for life and service.


Focused on declaring the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ to the inmates of the Los Angeles County jail system, and other jails and prisons across the nation. We train and supervise dedicated chaplains and volunteers who present the gospel of Jesus Christ through their various gifts and ministries.


A non-denominational Christian program which offers several ministry opportunities including Prison Fellowship Academy, Hope Events ministry, Angel Reach ministry to families, and Justice Reform. Prison Fellowship operates across the US and in 116 countries

Prison Fellowship

Since 1955, Prison Mission Association has focused on “Reaching Prisoners for Christ” by providing Bible correspondence courses to over 39,000 inmates in all 50 states and overseas working to plant self-sustaining church communities in prisons. Students may earn college level credits.

PMA Logo.png

Prison Seminaries Foundation exists to create transformational opportunities in cooperation with state departments of corrections (DOCs) and higher-education institutions that support the moral rehabilitation of every inmate. 

Prison Seminaries Foundation

A unique prison ministry that reaches inmates with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through athletics. We operate five men’s softball teams, a soccer team, a basketball team, and two women’s teams. Since 1987, The Saints have played more than 4,500 games in 465 different prisons.


An interdenominational, racially-diverse Christian ministry in North Carolina begun in 1969 which includes both lay and clergy, men and women. The ministry is conducted by trained volunteers who lead weekly meetings of small groups inside North Carolina’s correctional institutions.


Do you have a Christian prison ministry program you would like me to highlight here? Send me an email. 

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